25th August 2017

Charles Herman

What is John doing/what is going on around John when Charles appears?

At the time that Charles appears, John has just set up his belongings in his new dorm room. He is listening to operatic choir music from his record player. He is watching people socialize outside his room, he looks envious, looking to solve the problem of him not having any friends yet.

What film techniques are used in specific scenes to introduce Charles?

In a long shot, he is moving his desk towards the window, towards the light, so he can create a mathematical revelation. Close up of John looking out the window, then a high angle long show of people socialising down in the courtyard below. We hear Charles’ cough before we see him, panning around in a point of view shot from John’s perspective to show that Charles is created from John’s eyes.

What film techniques are used to show Charles’ behaviour?

Charles is intrusive, charismatic, dishevelled, insightful, inquisitive, unorganised, ambiguous, sarcastic, rambunctious, casual, extroverted, understanding, prodigal, messy, hungover,

What does Charles represent in John’s life?

Charles represents John’s want for a companion, he is envious of the other students socialising, so he creates someone in his mind for him to be friends with.

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